Car Wash Mop

$49.99 USD $79.99 USD

No electricity is needed. Once you connect the brush to the tap, the brush will rotate automatically because of the high pressure of the water. By turning the red knob, you can control the pressure of the current (3 levels altogether you can choose).

Detachable & Extendable: The Flexible pole of the car wash mop is easy to assemble. It can be extended to 120cm/47inch. The long handle helps you to clean the places where your hand could not reach.

Versatile Use & Foaming Brush: Put the detergent into the box of the mop and the foam will come out automatically by water pressure. If you remove the brush head, the microfiber mop can be used as a pressure washer, which sprays a fine but powerful stream of water. You can use it for watering flowers and plants, showering pets, washing cars, fences, roofs, and more.