Automatic Faucet Glass Rinser

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Forget scrubbing your drinkware all day long!

With high-pressure water jets that reach where you can't, the Glass Rinser thoroughly rinses residue in seconds. It conveniently rinses practically any drinkware, from baby bottles to wine glasses to travel cups, so you can spend less time soaking and scouring.

Easy Automatic Glass Rinser

With its powerful jets, the rinser will thoroughly clean hard-to-reach spots of your glasses in very little time. Easy to clean and install, this rinser effortlessly overhangs directly into the kitchen sink, making it an ideal addition to any kitchen setting.

Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sinks, Kitchen Sink Accessories, Bar Glass Ri

One-Hand Operation - Cleaning can be made easier by using the pressure of tap water. Place the cup's mouth downward and slightly press the bottom of the cup downward. Complete the cleaning by lifting the cup.

✅ Rinse Residue In Seconds - Powerful water jets thoroughly rinse residue in seconds, while the subtle overhang directs water flow into the kitchen sink for easy clean-up.

✅ Easy Installation - The elegant, low-profile design complements any faucet and instals effortlessly in an empty standard countertop hole. The supply line required (included) can be attached to either the hot or cold water supply lines.


  • Glass Rinser Material: ABS
  • Tee Material: Brass
  • Color: Black, Silver
  • Opening Hole Size: 0.9” (22mm)
  • Product Size: Approx. 5.6”x5.1”x1.2”
  • Hose Length:4.33”
  • Installation Way: Sink hole/countertop hole

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