Swipe Clean - Screen Cleaner

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The Swipe Clean - Portable Screen Cleaner is a convenient, multifunctional spray and wipe a device that will leave any surface squeaky clean. Bring it anywhere you go and you'll never have to worry about a dirty, greasy screen again.
  • 3 IN 1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL CLEANER - the Swipe Clean comes with an ABS transparent protective, a built-in bottle with spray and wipes storage integrated, and a microfiber wipe. 
  • FRESH AS NEW - Swipe Clean's soft fiber flannel effectively removes dust, fingerprints, oil stains, hair, debris, and more. There is no hair loss, no trace, and no damage to the screen, leaving it as bright as new.
  • CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE - The Swipe Clean is the size of lipstick. You can carry it in your pocket, bags, and anything else. 
  • CLEANS ALL SCREENS - The Swipe Clean effectively cleans Phones, Glasses, iPads, Car screens, LEDs, Laptop screens, TV screens, and more.
  • REPEATED USE - The fingerprint-proof screen cleaner can be washed and dried for repeated use.

Step 1

Spray your surface of choice with the Swipe Clean.

Step 2

Use the Swipe Clean's microfiber flannel body to wipe your screen squeaky clean.

Step 3

Rinse and dry your Swipe Clean and store it back in its transparent protection. Enjoy your shiny disinfected screen.

Swipe Clean

Your phone is 10x dirtier than most toilet seats, according to scientists at the University of Arizona. Cell phones are one of the dirtiest objects we come in contact with every day.

Keeping your screens clean should be an easy, regular practice! Thanks to our Swipe Clean, you can conveniently clean any screen you want and make it look brand new wherever you are.

Your Screen is Dirtier Than You Think!

Everybody remembers to wash their hands multiple times a day, but many forget about their phone screen. The reason your phone holds so many germs is because it remains warm throughout the day due to of how often we use it.

The warm environment allows bacteria to grow very easily and puts you at a bigger risk of infection.